Frequently Asked Questions

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In the event of a print arriving damaged in transit, please send us a picture of the damage to the print and we will replace it free of charge.

In the event of a Limited Edition being sold out we will refund you the full purchase price.

If the damaged print is to be replaced, after we have seen the picture of the damage we will ask you to show evidence that the print has been destroyed before we send you the replacement. 

There are some nasty people out there that will try it on for their own advantage, we are glad that you are not one of them.


Yes, all prints are shipped worldwide and tracking is provided.

There should no no import charges to pay.

Prints to mainland Europe and the USA are shipped from within Europe and there should be no import duties.

Flat rate postage worldwide.

Only the British were silly enough to leave the EU.


The images are watermarked to prevent online fraud.

Be assured that the prints that are delivered will have the watermark removed.

This is the only platform where you can purchase original limited edition prints direct from the photographer with signed certificates of authenticity.

All prints are delivered in the stated size with a white border which is included in the print measurements. 

The white border is part of the image. Not only is is aesthetically pleasing, it also makes the print easier to frame or add a window mount.

We currently do not offer a framing service - it's too cost prohibitive to offer a range to suit all, and too expensive for shipping worldwide. 

Each Limited Edition will be supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity.

This will include the Artist Name, Edition Number, Image Title, Size, Production Date, Certificate Number, Artist Signature, Artist Logo, and will be embossed with a unique Holographic Security Stamp.